Why Securus Technologies Is a Wonderful Option of Communicating For Inmates and Their Visitors

Securus Technologies is bringing innovative solutions to your own home, as it is enabling people to communicate with inmates via methods of videoconferencing. It is highly recommended for you to ensure that you are utilizing Securus Technologies as your form of communication, as it is going to allow you to keep in touch with your friend, relative, co-worker, significant other, or any other form of acquaintance from the comfort of your own home. It is a great way to communicate and you will not be required to visit the correctional facility the inmate is in. This is an advantage for you, as the correctional facility may not have been able to provide an appointment time that was convenient for you.


Securus Technologies is not only benefitting inmates and their visitors, as it is also benefiting entire communities due to the videoconferencing chat sessions being available for law enforcement agencies to benefit from. If you would like to learn more about how you may be able to benefit from this wonderful technology, please refer your questions to a help desk professional, as they will be more than happy to provide you with the assistance that you may be needing to begin. Also, if the inmate that you’re needing to speak to is confined in a correctional facility in which Securus Technologies has not been incorporated into the systems of its communications options, please do not hesitate to contact the communications department of that facility, as they’d may be able to have it installed for you.


How Fabletics is committed to penetrating the Online Fashion Market.

Kate Hudson is a successful entrepreneur who has been known for co-founding a leading e-commerce company that is known as Fabletics. The firm was established in 2013 and has quickly grown to be one of the leading online stores. The main products that it sells are comfortable and fashionable activewear that can be used for both sports and casual wear. Fabletics’ products are very stylish, and they make the clients feel active and confident in themselves. The firm is committed to offering the latest products in the market by updating is stores monthly. The merchandise that Fabletics offers includes tops, bottoms, gloves, socks, gym bags, hair bands, hair ties, caps, arm warmers, water bottles, and various accessories.


Amazon is one of the pioneer e-commerce websites, and it currently attracts about 20 percent of the online fashion clients. Fabletics is a relatively younger company, but it has been developing in the recent years to be one of the online business giants. It has been growing at an annual rate of 35 percent and is one of the major competitors of Amazon. The firm has managed to build its worth to more than $250 million within the three years that it has been in business. Besides its online activities, the company has 16 physical stores that operate in different parts of the country. Fabletics has been getting more clients in the past year, and therefore, it plans to open 12 more shops in early 2017. The new stores will be based in California, Illinois, Florida, and Hawaii. Fabletics has been committed to giving its customers better membership packages than its competitors, and this has greatly facilitated its success. It also enables its clients to access customized products at a pocket-friendly price.


Fabletics offers the best customer services to its subscribers, and this has allowed it to develop healthy relationships with them. The firm also provides a 60-second quiz that enables it to understand the preferences of the customer. It asks questions that are based on social media, lifestyle, fashion choice, and customer experience. Fabletic has been ensuring that it makes huge sells by using a technique that is known as “reverse showrooming.” This tactic involves inviting its members to view and purchase the products that are in its online store.


The e-commerce firm offers various membership packages to the clients. After a customer subscribes as a member of Fabletics, he or she is sent the first two-piece outfits at a discounted prices. The products that they receive are worth $49.95, but the company charges them $10. As from the second month, the clients pay $49.95 and are offered activewear that is worth about $99. Customers pay for their products by using their credit cards. One is also allowed to cancel his or her membership without being charged any fee. VIP members enjoy various privileges. They are offered free gear, shipping, and returns whenever they buy merchandise that is worth more than $49.95. Members who buy products at Fabletic’s physical stores are offered exclusive discounts.

Top Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

The Dallas-based investment firm Highland Capital Management is among the leading financial services companies in the world. It serves a wide range of investors who are looking for the most efficient ways to manage their capital. One of the things that have made Highland Capital emerge as a top financial services company is its services. The firm specializes in managing debt and credit base securities. As a result, it has established a reputation of helping a number of investors more carefully manage their debt. Along with offering credit management, the firm also provides a number of other financial services that help clients more effectively stabilize their finances on a regular basis.

Highland Capital Management first originated in 1990 as a firm that specializes in providing life insurance. It was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada who spent a number of years working in the financial industry as employees. Once they decided to become entrepreneurs, the two began developing a life insurance company to meet the needs of various consumers. For the first few years of the firm’s existence, it was able to become a reputable life insurance company. However, Dondero and Okada soon realized that they needed to offer other services to meet the growing demand for things such as financial planning and investment management. Since they had experience with managing credit based securities, they also planned to eventually offer such options to their clients as well.

In the mid-1990’s, Highland Capital Management began offering collateralized loan obligations which allowed it to become a leader in managing debt-backed securities. With the introduction of this product, the firm would emerge as an innovative financial services company. During this time, the firm would also offer a more diverse set of financial services. Highland Capital would begin offering hedge funds, private equity securities and also wealth management services. The firm would also begin offering services such as asset management to assist institutional investors with managing their capital and financial advisory to help individuals. Now, the firm continues to provide financial services to corporations, individuals, pension fund investors and government entities.

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Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Ascendant boss, Jeffry Schneider

The man at the helm of Ascendant Capital, LLC is Jeffrey Schneider. The company specializes in alternative forms of investment and has been growing for a long period of time. When they started, they only had a few employees but currently, the company has more than 30 people under their payroll. The company has also grown in terms of capital base and is now worth more than a billion in assets. These are the things that the man at the helm, Jeffrey Schneider has to say about the work environment and the role he has played in transforming his company so far.

He states that the turning point in his investment plan was the realization that people were shifting from the concept of just delivering great services to their customers and now wanted people to have a positive experience when working in their company. For instance, fewer people favored the concept of there being cubicle offices where employees would be secluded. Jeffry stated that when the office space is a happy place for the employees, their output will automatically improve.

The first step that he feels that employers should take towards ensuring that their employees are happy and free is making sure there is a lot of movement in the office. For instance, at any given time in the office, 5 percent of the employees should be standing or moving around. He believes in the social nature of humans and that when one is confined to some form of cubicle, they will have a mental picture of the workplace being a prison.

The other recommendation that he makes is that as much as possible, the workers should be encouraged to interact with one another. When people are allowed to carry out group projects, their creativity is boosted and the freedom to relate with each other makes them become more productive.

Silence in the office space is the third recommendation that he makes. When there is too much noise in the place, the interferences become too much for productivity. The ideal work space should be free for the employees and when this happens, turnover of the employees will go down and the productivity will increase. These are the ideas that have helped him transform his workplace to a success hub.

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What Fabletics VIP Members Love About Kate Hudson’s Fashion Brand

Kate Hudson’s athletic apparel brand Fabletics has been around for only four years but the brand’s cute clothes and convenient shopping model have earned the company enormous success. Currently, thousands of VIP members excitedly receive a brand new workout outfit every month. Kate Hudson designed her brand to appeal to a diverse group of women who demand clothes that can withstand intense workouts while being highly fashionable.


Many online reviewers have sung Fabletics’ praises. We’ve listed some of the things that Fabletics VIP members have to say about the brand.


The Convenience


While anybody can visit the Fabletics website and sift through the hundreds of adorable sports bras, leggings and other stylish clothes that the brand has to offer, the VIP member option is where it’s at. For a monthly fee of $49.95, VIP members will receive a complete workout outfit sent straight to their door, free of shipping charges. All they have to do is fill out a quick survey about their workout style and fashion preferences upon signing up.


VIP members like the ladies at Krazy Coupon Lady couldn’t resist the value of the deal. By committing to a monthly fee, individual items actually cost less. VIP members can opt out whenever they want.


The Selection


Reviewers on online review website Trust Pilot can’t get enough of the wide selection of apparel items available. Fabletics boasts endless choices of prints, colors and styles when it comes to athletic apparel basics like leggings and sports bras. Customers can also find adorable jersey dresses that are cute enough for a night out on the town as well as multi-purpose gym bags that are so stylish that one would think they came straight from the runway.


The Quality

Teri Hutcheon from afoodiestaysfit.com was pleased to discover that Fabletics products are made with high-quality materials. The colors and prints don’t fade in the wash and the clothing is built to last. Fabletics athletic gear uses high-tech fabrics that are resistant to sweat and provide adequate support for the most intense of exercise routines. Plus, the clothes offer serious compression, meaning that they accentuate the body in all the right places.



The success of Kate Hudson’s brand has proven that women want to look cute while they exercise. By providing women of all shapes and sizes with extremely stylish athletic apparel, Fabletics has taken over the world of fashion retail.

Securus Video Visitation Brings Inmates and their Families Together

Every growing child wants a Christmas gift from their parents. When one parent is away, the child can get frustrated. The festive season may not be the best for the child. It is always amazing to see a father and child enjoy the festive season together. A child with a parent in correction facilities is likely to face the problem. However, the Securus video visitation program has made it possible for communication.


The technology company has made it possible for inmates and their families to speak and interact for long. The application has been made available and is currently in use in correction facilities. It has changed the lives of many through communication. Securus Technologies understands the importance of holiday. They know that children ought to spend time with the parents. These reasons led them to developing an advanced communication tool for people in correction facilities.


For families with inmates, it is never easy to lead a normal lifestyle. The lack of communication between parents causes several challenges. Communication is critical not because it helps solve problems, but because strengths the family unity and bond. Maybe this is one of the main reason parents spend countless hours visiting their loved ones in correction facilities. Such visits are never easy. A parent working full time may have to get a day off to visit the prison. Strengthening the family bond is important. Many families can now spend a little of their monthly bill making calls to their loved ones in correction facilities.


I find that the Securus video visitation technology is among the best in the market. The video visitation product allows families and inmates to communicate through the video technology. For prisoners, a video call is the only time they make contact and spend time with their family. The visitations has allowed inmates take part in events like birthdays and Christmas. Similarly, the video visitation software itself is powerful enough to allow prisoners involved in their kid’s homework. These services have been available with the help of Securus Technologies.


Family and friends that want to communicate with their loved ones should sign up. Anyone can schedule for a visit from any part in the world. One must sign up 24 hours before the visit. Every visit lasts for a maximum time of 20 minutes and at a particular cost. Costs for video visit are catered for by the inmate’s friends and family.

Malini Saba’s Success in Business and Philanthropic Efforts

Born in Southern Asia, Malini Saba is among the world’s most influential investors and philanthropists. Over the years, she has built an excellent reputation as a great global-scale entrepreneur. Malini started her career at a tender age investing in different territories across the world. While starting, Malini and her associates had to fight corrupt individuals who were trying to evict her. Although she emerged victoriously, her businesses collapsed. However, she did not give up from investing. In partnership with her associates, she started another enterprise. Once again, Malini had to encounter tough challenges, but the spirited entrepreneur could not quit.


Today, Malini is among the most influential owners of large-scale enterprises such as real estates, energy companies, and rice fields. As a philanthropists, Saba invests heavily in humanitarian efforts. Malini is the founder of the Stree: Global Investment in Women, a global humanitarian organization helping low-income women to improve their living standards. Not only does Malini strive to improve her life, but elevates other women as well.


Malini Saba started her entrepreneurial journey in the early 90s. She invested in ventures such as Silicon Valley, Paypal, and Sycamore Networks. Over the time, each of these ventures proved successful and generated Malini a lot of income. In fact, Saba knows that she is a successful entrepreneur. With an extensive experience in the world of business, she knows which ventures suit her. As a veteran in observing market trends, Saba says that commodity market is her favorite investment because of the risk involved and high returns. Although Malini is incredibly wealthy, she considers her family as a top priority. Saba looks after her child and takes her to school every day. In fact, she does not require babysitters or a nanny in her home. Saba’s direct contact with her child is noteworthy as most prominent business women probably would not find time for their children.


About Malini Saba


Malini Saba is among the world’s most influential investors and humanitarians of South Asia origin. Currently, she serves as the Chairperson of Saban, a global-scale company with investment interests in oil and gas industry, technology enterprises in the US, and real estate in India and Australia.


Driven by the passion of giving back to society, Saba founded Stree: Global Investment in Women to help children and low-income women elevate their livelihoods. Through the organization, Malini donated $ 1 million to set up the world’s first Heart Research Center of South Asia region.


Securus Technologies Provides Free Phone Calls to Louisiana Inmates

Like many other people in the country, I was shocked to hear about the recent floods in Louisiana. This state has seen its fair share of misfortune because of weather-related issues, so the newest round of flooding really seemed to hit hard. In the midst of this terrible situation, however, there is some good to be found.


 I found out that Securus Technologies joined together with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections to allow inmates to reach out to their friends and family members. The company, known for being a leader in the corrections facility communications industry, allowed each inmate at LA DOC facilities a free phone call each day. This generous offer allowed inmates to reach out to any of their loved ones who might be dealing with the adverse effects of the recent flooding events.


 The leadership team at Securus Technologies realizes that it is critical for inmates to be able to contact their family members and friends. This is especially true during times when tragedies occur, like the floods that have caused so much damage in Louisiana recently. Allowing inmates to make a free daily call helps to ease the anxiety that inmates might be feeling about the situation, without causing any additional economic stress related to paying for phone calls.


 It is estimated that the free phone calls add up to about $300,000. Additionally, Securus is donating $50,000 to an inmate welfare fund with the Louisiana Department of Corrections. This donation will surely go a long way toward providing additional assistance for many inmates. These acts of goodwill on the part of Securus Technologies demonstrates the compassion the company has for each and every person that it serves. When I hear about tragedies, like these recent floods, I am glad to hear that companies, like Securus Technologies are doing what they can to help people out during a time of need.

Malini Saba Leading Saban to a Global Investment Company

Malini Saba is debatably one of the most accomplished investors in the world. She has accomplished a lot in the philanthropy world. In 2001, she founded a non-profit organization that aims at empowering economically disadvantaged women and children internationally to participate actively in bettering the society. The non-profit organization is known as Stree: Global Investments in Women.

Clinton, the retired President of the US and Queen Noor of Jordan officially launched Stree. The organization offers an opportunity for women to access legal empowerment, healthcare, and avails a platform for grassroots organizations to connect with public policy in Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and India. In June 2005, Saba gave $1 million to establish a Heart Research Center at El Camino Hospital, Mountain View. With the establishment of the research center, South Asians will enjoy quality health care. In 2004, she donated a record $10 million to victims of Tsunami in the Island nation after touring Sri Lanka and India.

Career history

Saba started her career as a venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley back in the 1990s. She has unmatched experience of investing in over 20 technology companies such as Sycamore Networks, Inc. and Netscreen Technologies Inc. (purchased by Juniper Networks Inc. for close to $4 billion).

First company idea

Saba’s main goal was to venture in companies, and she established Saban, a firm that has ventured in varied industries in China, US, Australia, and India. It invests in sectors like oil and gas, technology and real estate.

Saba’s duties

She wakes up at 5 am. Her first task is to handle all conference calls originating from Asia since she has a commodity business there. Saba takes her daughter to school at 7 am and after returning to the office she handles issues in Europe and USA offices. She handles several meetings throughout the day and still finds time to pick up her daughter after school.

Factual details about Malini Saba

Malini Saba is a leading investor and an active philanthropist. She was born and raised by Sri Lankan parents in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aged 19 and armed with only $200, Saba relocated to the United States. Being a partner of a Stanford Student, she was able to attend lectures at the prestigious University free of charge. The fields of business and investment interested Saba so much. She sought out advice from investment bankers, and she began to invest in industries such as commodities, real estate, and telecommunications.

Saba’s hard work and perseverance paid off, and the young woman who had shown up in the U.S. with barely anything for survival is now an influential and top investor. Malini serves as the Chairperson of Saban, a firm that has invested and continues to invest internationally in sectors like technology businesses in the US, real estate in Australia, and oil & gas in China.