Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Ascendant boss, Jeffry Schneider

The man at the helm of Ascendant Capital, LLC is Jeffrey Schneider. The company specializes in alternative forms of investment and has been growing for a long period of time. When they started, they only had a few employees but currently, the company has more than 30 people under their payroll. The company has also grown in terms of capital base and is now worth more than a billion in assets. These are the things that the man at the helm, Jeffrey Schneider has to say about the work environment and the role he has played in transforming his company so far.

He states that the turning point in his investment plan was the realization that people were shifting from the concept of just delivering great services to their customers and now wanted people to have a positive experience when working in their company. For instance, fewer people favored the concept of there being cubicle offices where employees would be secluded. Jeffry stated that when the office space is a happy place for the employees, their output will automatically improve.

The first step that he feels that employers should take towards ensuring that their employees are happy and free is making sure there is a lot of movement in the office. For instance, at any given time in the office, 5 percent of the employees should be standing or moving around. He believes in the social nature of humans and that when one is confined to some form of cubicle, they will have a mental picture of the workplace being a prison.

The other recommendation that he makes is that as much as possible, the workers should be encouraged to interact with one another. When people are allowed to carry out group projects, their creativity is boosted and the freedom to relate with each other makes them become more productive.

Silence in the office space is the third recommendation that he makes. When there is too much noise in the place, the interferences become too much for productivity. The ideal work space should be free for the employees and when this happens, turnover of the employees will go down and the productivity will increase. These are the ideas that have helped him transform his workplace to a success hub.

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Malini Saba’s Success in Business and Philanthropic Efforts

Born in Southern Asia, Malini Saba is among the world’s most influential investors and philanthropists. Over the years, she has built an excellent reputation as a great global-scale entrepreneur. Malini started her career at a tender age investing in different territories across the world. While starting, Malini and her associates had to fight corrupt individuals who were trying to evict her. Although she emerged victoriously, her businesses collapsed. However, she did not give up from investing. In partnership with her associates, she started another enterprise. Once again, Malini had to encounter tough challenges, but the spirited entrepreneur could not quit.


Today, Malini is among the most influential owners of large-scale enterprises such as real estates, energy companies, and rice fields. As a philanthropists, Saba invests heavily in humanitarian efforts. Malini is the founder of the Stree: Global Investment in Women, a global humanitarian organization helping low-income women to improve their living standards. Not only does Malini strive to improve her life, but elevates other women as well.


Malini Saba started her entrepreneurial journey in the early 90s. She invested in ventures such as Silicon Valley, Paypal, and Sycamore Networks. Over the time, each of these ventures proved successful and generated Malini a lot of income. In fact, Saba knows that she is a successful entrepreneur. With an extensive experience in the world of business, she knows which ventures suit her. As a veteran in observing market trends, Saba says that commodity market is her favorite investment because of the risk involved and high returns. Although Malini is incredibly wealthy, she considers her family as a top priority. Saba looks after her child and takes her to school every day. In fact, she does not require babysitters or a nanny in her home. Saba’s direct contact with her child is noteworthy as most prominent business women probably would not find time for their children.


About Malini Saba


Malini Saba is among the world’s most influential investors and humanitarians of South Asia origin. Currently, she serves as the Chairperson of Saban, a global-scale company with investment interests in oil and gas industry, technology enterprises in the US, and real estate in India and Australia.


Driven by the passion of giving back to society, Saba founded Stree: Global Investment in Women to help children and low-income women elevate their livelihoods. Through the organization, Malini donated $ 1 million to set up the world’s first Heart Research Center of South Asia region.


Malini Saba Leading Saban to a Global Investment Company

Malini Saba is debatably one of the most accomplished investors in the world. She has accomplished a lot in the philanthropy world. In 2001, she founded a non-profit organization that aims at empowering economically disadvantaged women and children internationally to participate actively in bettering the society. The non-profit organization is known as Stree: Global Investments in Women.

Clinton, the retired President of the US and Queen Noor of Jordan officially launched Stree. The organization offers an opportunity for women to access legal empowerment, healthcare, and avails a platform for grassroots organizations to connect with public policy in Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and India. In June 2005, Saba gave $1 million to establish a Heart Research Center at El Camino Hospital, Mountain View. With the establishment of the research center, South Asians will enjoy quality health care. In 2004, she donated a record $10 million to victims of Tsunami in the Island nation after touring Sri Lanka and India.

Career history

Saba started her career as a venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley back in the 1990s. She has unmatched experience of investing in over 20 technology companies such as Sycamore Networks, Inc. and Netscreen Technologies Inc. (purchased by Juniper Networks Inc. for close to $4 billion).

First company idea

Saba’s main goal was to venture in companies, and she established Saban, a firm that has ventured in varied industries in China, US, Australia, and India. It invests in sectors like oil and gas, technology and real estate.

Saba’s duties

She wakes up at 5 am. Her first task is to handle all conference calls originating from Asia since she has a commodity business there. Saba takes her daughter to school at 7 am and after returning to the office she handles issues in Europe and USA offices. She handles several meetings throughout the day and still finds time to pick up her daughter after school.

Factual details about Malini Saba

Malini Saba is a leading investor and an active philanthropist. She was born and raised by Sri Lankan parents in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aged 19 and armed with only $200, Saba relocated to the United States. Being a partner of a Stanford Student, she was able to attend lectures at the prestigious University free of charge. The fields of business and investment interested Saba so much. She sought out advice from investment bankers, and she began to invest in industries such as commodities, real estate, and telecommunications.

Saba’s hard work and perseverance paid off, and the young woman who had shown up in the U.S. with barely anything for survival is now an influential and top investor. Malini serves as the Chairperson of Saban, a firm that has invested and continues to invest internationally in sectors like technology businesses in the US, real estate in Australia, and oil & gas in China.