Securus Technologies Provides Free Phone Calls to Louisiana Inmates

Like many other people in the country, I was shocked to hear about the recent floods in Louisiana. This state has seen its fair share of misfortune because of weather-related issues, so the newest round of flooding really seemed to hit hard. In the midst of this terrible situation, however, there is some good to be found.


 I found out that Securus Technologies joined together with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections to allow inmates to reach out to their friends and family members. The company, known for being a leader in the corrections facility communications industry, allowed each inmate at LA DOC facilities a free phone call each day. This generous offer allowed inmates to reach out to any of their loved ones who might be dealing with the adverse effects of the recent flooding events.


 The leadership team at Securus Technologies realizes that it is critical for inmates to be able to contact their family members and friends. This is especially true during times when tragedies occur, like the floods that have caused so much damage in Louisiana recently. Allowing inmates to make a free daily call helps to ease the anxiety that inmates might be feeling about the situation, without causing any additional economic stress related to paying for phone calls.


 It is estimated that the free phone calls add up to about $300,000. Additionally, Securus is donating $50,000 to an inmate welfare fund with the Louisiana Department of Corrections. This donation will surely go a long way toward providing additional assistance for many inmates. These acts of goodwill on the part of Securus Technologies demonstrates the compassion the company has for each and every person that it serves. When I hear about tragedies, like these recent floods, I am glad to hear that companies, like Securus Technologies are doing what they can to help people out during a time of need.