Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Ascendant boss, Jeffry Schneider

The man at the helm of Ascendant Capital, LLC is Jeffrey Schneider. The company specializes in alternative forms of investment and has been growing for a long period of time. When they started, they only had a few employees but currently, the company has more than 30 people under their payroll. The company has also grown in terms of capital base and is now worth more than a billion in assets. These are the things that the man at the helm, Jeffrey Schneider has to say about the work environment and the role he has played in transforming his company so far.

He states that the turning point in his investment plan was the realization that people were shifting from the concept of just delivering great services to their customers and now wanted people to have a positive experience when working in their company. For instance, fewer people favored the concept of there being cubicle offices where employees would be secluded. Jeffry stated that when the office space is a happy place for the employees, their output will automatically improve.

The first step that he feels that employers should take towards ensuring that their employees are happy and free is making sure there is a lot of movement in the office. For instance, at any given time in the office, 5 percent of the employees should be standing or moving around. He believes in the social nature of humans and that when one is confined to some form of cubicle, they will have a mental picture of the workplace being a prison.

The other recommendation that he makes is that as much as possible, the workers should be encouraged to interact with one another. When people are allowed to carry out group projects, their creativity is boosted and the freedom to relate with each other makes them become more productive.

Silence in the office space is the third recommendation that he makes. When there is too much noise in the place, the interferences become too much for productivity. The ideal work space should be free for the employees and when this happens, turnover of the employees will go down and the productivity will increase. These are the ideas that have helped him transform his workplace to a success hub.

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What Fabletics VIP Members Love About Kate Hudson’s Fashion Brand

Kate Hudson’s athletic apparel brand Fabletics has been around for only four years but the brand’s cute clothes and convenient shopping model have earned the company enormous success. Currently, thousands of VIP members excitedly receive a brand new workout outfit every month. Kate Hudson designed her brand to appeal to a diverse group of women who demand clothes that can withstand intense workouts while being highly fashionable.


Many online reviewers have sung Fabletics’ praises. We’ve listed some of the things that Fabletics VIP members have to say about the brand.


The Convenience


While anybody can visit the Fabletics website and sift through the hundreds of adorable sports bras, leggings and other stylish clothes that the brand has to offer, the VIP member option is where it’s at. For a monthly fee of $49.95, VIP members will receive a complete workout outfit sent straight to their door, free of shipping charges. All they have to do is fill out a quick survey about their workout style and fashion preferences upon signing up.


VIP members like the ladies at Krazy Coupon Lady couldn’t resist the value of the deal. By committing to a monthly fee, individual items actually cost less. VIP members can opt out whenever they want.


The Selection


Reviewers on online review website Trust Pilot can’t get enough of the wide selection of apparel items available. Fabletics boasts endless choices of prints, colors and styles when it comes to athletic apparel basics like leggings and sports bras. Customers can also find adorable jersey dresses that are cute enough for a night out on the town as well as multi-purpose gym bags that are so stylish that one would think they came straight from the runway.


The Quality

Teri Hutcheon from afoodiestaysfit.com was pleased to discover that Fabletics products are made with high-quality materials. The colors and prints don’t fade in the wash and the clothing is built to last. Fabletics athletic gear uses high-tech fabrics that are resistant to sweat and provide adequate support for the most intense of exercise routines. Plus, the clothes offer serious compression, meaning that they accentuate the body in all the right places.



The success of Kate Hudson’s brand has proven that women want to look cute while they exercise. By providing women of all shapes and sizes with extremely stylish athletic apparel, Fabletics has taken over the world of fashion retail.