Top Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

The Dallas-based investment firm Highland Capital Management is among the leading financial services companies in the world. It serves a wide range of investors who are looking for the most efficient ways to manage their capital. One of the things that have made Highland Capital emerge as a top financial services company is its services. The firm specializes in managing debt and credit base securities. As a result, it has established a reputation of helping a number of investors more carefully manage their debt. Along with offering credit management, the firm also provides a number of other financial services that help clients more effectively stabilize their finances on a regular basis.

Highland Capital Management first originated in 1990 as a firm that specializes in providing life insurance. It was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada who spent a number of years working in the financial industry as employees. Once they decided to become entrepreneurs, the two began developing a life insurance company to meet the needs of various consumers. For the first few years of the firm’s existence, it was able to become a reputable life insurance company. However, Dondero and Okada soon realized that they needed to offer other services to meet the growing demand for things such as financial planning and investment management. Since they had experience with managing credit based securities, they also planned to eventually offer such options to their clients as well.

In the mid-1990’s, Highland Capital Management began offering collateralized loan obligations which allowed it to become a leader in managing debt-backed securities. With the introduction of this product, the firm would emerge as an innovative financial services company. During this time, the firm would also offer a more diverse set of financial services. Highland Capital would begin offering hedge funds, private equity securities and also wealth management services. The firm would also begin offering services such as asset management to assist institutional investors with managing their capital and financial advisory to help individuals. Now, the firm continues to provide financial services to corporations, individuals, pension fund investors and government entities.


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